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Dog Boarding

dog boardingYour dog should have a safe, clean and caring place to board while you are away. At Orion Kennel Club, we provide every possible service to make your dog feel comfortable, secure and happy. Each day every room is washed and sanitized from top to bottom. All our runs are inspected throughout the day and disinfected again, as necessary. One of the first things our customers typically say is “It’s so clean in here; this doesn’t smell like a kennel at all.” This is a real point of pride for us.

Whenever your furry family member needs a place to stay overnight or for an extended period, we are here to provide a safe, healthy, and worry-free sleep-over. OKC offers our guests bedding, hourly checks by our experienced kennel aides, and outside time. We encourage you to bring your own dog food, packaged per meal. Maintaining his/her regular diet will reduce the risk of your pet experiencing digestive problems because of a dietary change.  We do stock Science Diet and will provide food in the event you forget or run out for $5.00 per day.  OKC welcomes your dog’s favorite (labeled) toy or plaything.  The only exception is no rawhides.

The following vaccines are required to be current for all guests at Orion Kennel Club. We require that you contact your veterinarian and have them fax or email your current records before your pet’s visit. If we have not received updated vaccine history at the time of Check In there will be a $25 service fee for us to call your veterinarian. If your dog is not up to date for the duration of their stay they will not be eligible to board.

We must have verification of current Rabies, D.H.P.P and Bordetella* for canines. We will accept a document from your vet stating a current titer test was done proving your pet is protected.

*Bordetella should be administered 10 days prior to check in day for any grooming or boarding reservation.
*We are not medical professionals and are unable to administer injectable medications.