Lake Orion, MI (248) 391-4200

Drop Off

th0GM7CL12We are excited you have chosen OKC for your pet’s home away from home. To make the drop off process easier on everyone, here is what to expect.

If we already have received your pet’s current vaccination records, we will have you say your good-byes and escort your pet to their room after stopping for a bathroom break.

If we need to review your vaccination records, we will do so first thing so we know it is OK to walk your pet back.
Once your pet has been welcomed, one of our staff members will review all the details of your pet’s care, verify your contact information and emergency contacts.

  • We will make note of any toys (no rawhides) you bring.
  • We will ask if you would like to arrange grooming while your pet is with us.
  • We will then wish you a safe trip, happy vacation or whatever the occasion might be.
  • We accept cash, check or credit/debit card with a 4% service fee.

During Peak Periods we follow the same process as above, however, we are normally very busy. It is extremely helpful if you have all of your information current prior to drop off. The staff always loves to catch up and will thoroughly discuss any concern about your pet’s care, but please understand the lengthy conversations might have to wait.